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Pope Gumby

We're here about the buddhas

Today I was stuck in the city for half an hour, and so I went looking for an old second hand CD store I used to frequent. It was gone, but it had been absorbed into a larger, chain store. A pop store, for want of a better word. However, they still accept second hand cds, and here is where I got excited, for the following reason.

Pop stores dont know how to price "alternate" second hand cds. They really dont. I had a look through the second hand shelves and every cd I was interested in buying was either way too high, or way too low. I looked all the way through the new arrivals, and made my way up to 'B' in the alphabetic section, and had to stop myself.

So, some new music added to my collection this week :

Triple J's Home And Hosed Collection, Volume 1 - 10 bucks
Steve Burns - Songs For Dustmites - 8 bucks
Daughterboy Jao - Simple Matters - 13 bucks, a little high, but still acceptable

Also I'm expecting a package early this week from Faster Louder, so there should be more additions. There'll definitely be a Wolf And Cub cd, because I am interviewing them tomorrow morning at 10:30. Hurrah!

I also put in my application for the role of State Editor for FasterLouder. Lots of responsibility, group coordination, distributing content, organising reviews, liasing with record companies, the lot. Still volunteer based, but the theory behind my degree is that I want a piece of paper to say I can do it. Thats all I need from uni.. Everything else in the industry is practice and experience, and when I go for a job at NME or Rolling Stone, I want to be able not just that I've written for a website, but that I've coordinated stuff too. I want to bring a network of contacts to every job I hold for the next 30 years. I want to go to record company Christmas parties, and have record company people be glad I came. This is the first step, but gee golly its a big one. So fingers crossed. And you should all cross your fingers too...
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