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Did you really want to live forever?

Okay, this freaked me out a little bit.

Yesterday I was watching RAGE and Youth Groups cover of Forever Young was number 2 on the single chart.

Number 2.

Thats freaking me out. Dont get me wrong, I love Youth Group since their first album, but a lot of people, and I mean a LOT of people, are going to be introduced to Youth Group via this song. Now that they're a chart success, will their album do the same? Will the album even contain that song (although I can't imagine them leaving it off) ?

Maybe chart radio will drop them as a one hit wonder, because their album stuff is not exactly populist material. Or will Youth Group make their sound more populist?

More importantly, since I assume Nova and Austereo have picked it up, hence it's number 2 position, why are Triple J still playing it regularly?
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