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Liamo's Music Community's Journal
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Sunday, April 13th, 2008
10:46 pm
I read a lot of things about music, and one of the things I notice a lot are critics who listen to chart-pop music, and then deride those who refuse to (like me), claiming we're being snobs.

I'll get back to the snob thing in a minute, but first, let me list my litany of problems with pop music.

I like pop. I like Fountains Of Wayne, who play pop rock, and Reel Big Fish, who play pop ska, and Andrew WK, who plays, and probably pioneered the field of, pop metal. What I can't stand is fabricated pop music, the kind that has dominated the charts for as long as I can remember. And let me tell you why...

Part of it is that they don't write their own songs. Okay, neither do pub cover bands, but guess what? I don't like them either. But it's not just that they don't write their own songs, it's that the people who do write them don't get any credit for it. One of the things I'm always hearing is I should just sit back and enjoy pop at face level - if it's got a good beat and sounds good, then that's fine, right? Sure, except the people who get all the credit, and all the money, aren't responsible for the good beat, or the good lyrics, or the fact that it sounds good, at all. They're just a pretty face in front of a group of studio musicians, and if there's good music being made, they're the ones who should be getting the credit, not the pretty face.

Part of it is that the music industry currently values novelty value over genuine ability. Andy Warhol once said something about 15 minutes of fame, but I expect more from my music. I don't think that just because someone can hold a tune for one song, and looks good dancing in a film clip, that that makes that person a good musician. The Nugget group once put together a film called the Forgottyn Pyggeons. It's about a jug band, who become mega-famous, and then completely unpopular, overnight. We did a variety of things in aid of this, but at it's heart, it's a critique of a music industry that is obsessed with the novel, and approaches it's business with a remarkable lack of foresight.

But most of it is the fact that this music is a product. It comes pre-packaged, studio-tested, and moulded to a precise art. For my example, I'll use Britney Spears (because there's a figure who doesn't get enough exposure these days).

Someone once wrote, and I'm sure it was the Onion AV Club, but I can't find it in their archive, that the true genius of Ms Spears was that she was all things to all people. For the young tween girls, she was a heartbroken role model, and spoke out at ever opportunity about her virginity. For the horny males, she was the sexy-but-not-too-slutty sex object, dressed in school uniform in her first video. For pop music lovers, she was a bright young star with the whole world in her future. She was friendly, classy, pretty but not snobby, the girl next door who could be prom queen, with a star in her eyes and the world at her feet.

Except, of course, that time has proven that she is/was none of those things. Instead she's a trailer-trash party girl who can barely sing, barely dance, and found herself with too much money and attention at exactly the wrong time in her life. So now, her so-called life is a circus, a travelling freakshow which is admonished with society's left hand while being admired with the right.

So where did her classy image come from? Well, it was by design of course. Everyone saw what they wanted to see, because a record company knew how to present it as such. Whether she was even aware of the construction as it happened is anyones guess, but any qualms she had were no doubt quashed by the dumptrucks full of money which started arriving.

Meanwhile, Ms Spears has a new song and video where she knowingly winks at society and the paparazzi, acknowledging her circus, in a I'm-very-much-self-aware kind of way. Do we believe that? Yeah, almost.

So, getting back to snobbery. I don't dance, not properly. I don't dress myself up to go clubbing each Friday and Saturday night, and even if I did, it would not be a particularly pretty picture. I don't sample my music in ringtone size portions. I don't like my music to be an advertisement. And because of all these things, the pop music industry snobs me. And so when people ask me if I snub my nose at pop music?

I say yes, and I do it gladly. I am proud to be a music snob. Maybe if more people were, popular music wouldn't be in the state that it is today.
Sunday, March 26th, 2006
3:49 pm
Did you really want to live forever?
Okay, this freaked me out a little bit.

Yesterday I was watching RAGE and Youth Groups cover of Forever Young was number 2 on the single chart.

Number 2.

Thats freaking me out. Dont get me wrong, I love Youth Group since their first album, but a lot of people, and I mean a LOT of people, are going to be introduced to Youth Group via this song. Now that they're a chart success, will their album do the same? Will the album even contain that song (although I can't imagine them leaving it off) ?

Maybe chart radio will drop them as a one hit wonder, because their album stuff is not exactly populist material. Or will Youth Group make their sound more populist?

More importantly, since I assume Nova and Austereo have picked it up, hence it's number 2 position, why are Triple J still playing it regularly?

Current Mood: curious
Friday, March 24th, 2006
1:43 pm
Okay, so im going to try to make more of a concerted effort to keep this updated. You can feel free to jump on my head if I get slack again...

Last night someone rang up JJJ request fest and asked for "That song, Love Will Tear Us Apart, i dont really know who it's by, but i kinda like it."

Okay if you dont know the artist of THAT song, but you're requesting it, then get the fuck off my radio, and dont come back. No request for you. If I had a radio show, I'd call it No Request, and then read out what people had asked me to play and the various reasons I wasnt going to play it. Then I wouldnt have a radio show any more.

Also - Getting High With The Grates - Grates Interview

And I gave End Of Fashion a bit of a serve for releasing the fourth song from their first EP as a single... HERE

The new Gomez single is making radio airwaves, and i'm warming to it, although I wasnt too fussed at first. Plus new Snow Patrol, hurrah!

So, what are you listening to these days?

Current Mood: working
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
5:13 pm
Ah well, easy come, easy go
I was offered a chance to review the Dandy Warhols live, tomorrow night at the Tivoli, which I jumped on, of course.

I was then informed by the editor that because the gig was oversold (not just sold out, but OVERSOLD) the media numbers are being reduced, so now I'm not going.

That is something of a letdown.

I will be posting my 2005 mixtape on here in the next day or so, and any buoy__tunes member who wants a copy, comment on it or email your address to gumbuoy at hotmail.com, and I'll send you a copy.

Also, just two and a half weeks till Big Day Out '06, that came up awfully quickly...

Also, I got sent Quarashi's second album Geurilla Disco, from Hong Kong, which I won on ebay, its the japanese bonus edition, so not only does it have extra tracks, but all the lyrics and liner notes are in English AND Japanase. Very cool :>
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
12:41 pm
Sunday, November 27th, 2005
10:13 pm
We're here about the buddhas
Today I was stuck in the city for half an hour, and so I went looking for an old second hand CD store I used to frequent. It was gone, but it had been absorbed into a larger, chain store. A pop store, for want of a better word. However, they still accept second hand cds, and here is where I got excited, for the following reason.

Pop stores dont know how to price "alternate" second hand cds. They really dont. I had a look through the second hand shelves and every cd I was interested in buying was either way too high, or way too low. I looked all the way through the new arrivals, and made my way up to 'B' in the alphabetic section, and had to stop myself.

So, some new music added to my collection this week :

Triple J's Home And Hosed Collection, Volume 1 - 10 bucks
Steve Burns - Songs For Dustmites - 8 bucks
Daughterboy Jao - Simple Matters - 13 bucks, a little high, but still acceptable

Also I'm expecting a package early this week from Faster Louder, so there should be more additions. There'll definitely be a Wolf And Cub cd, because I am interviewing them tomorrow morning at 10:30. Hurrah!

I also put in my application for the role of State Editor for FasterLouder. Lots of responsibility, group coordination, distributing content, organising reviews, liasing with record companies, the lot. Still volunteer based, but the theory behind my degree is that I want a piece of paper to say I can do it. Thats all I need from uni.. Everything else in the industry is practice and experience, and when I go for a job at NME or Rolling Stone, I want to be able not just that I've written for a website, but that I've coordinated stuff too. I want to bring a network of contacts to every job I hold for the next 30 years. I want to go to record company Christmas parties, and have record company people be glad I came. This is the first step, but gee golly its a big one. So fingers crossed. And you should all cross your fingers too...
Friday, November 25th, 2005
11:07 am
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
5:21 pm
If you dont want to talk about it...
well thats all right with me

One of my favourite bands of the last five years is Easyworld, a UK band who broke up last year. When I heard they broke up, I was sad, really sad, because I would never get to see them live, and their two albums This Is Where I Stand and Kill The Last Romantic are two of my favourite albums. Plus they were probably the first band that ive been madly in love with that has broken up.

Now it's all okay again, sort of, because lead singer David Ford has released his first solo album, I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused.

Now I just need a way to get my hands on it, im trying for an ebay purchase, but it only came out a couple of months ago, so it might not stay cheap...anyone know of good websites to get music from the UK? Amazon is a bit of a last resort

New music added to my cd collection this week:
Giants Of Science - Here Comes The Punishment - havent had a chance to listen to it yet, but will hopefully do so this weekend.

I wrote a news article about a band I dont know or care about :>
The Visitors, the band born from the ashes of Radio Birdman return for just two shows....

The White Stripes are doing sideshows...in Melbourne, Sydney, and HOBART!!! FUCKING HOBART!!! *flips Hobart the bird*

The Raveonettes are coming, if the prices stay low, I'm definitely up for that...
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
6:19 pm
Sunday, November 20th, 2005
10:10 am
Fuck 'em, and their law.
A couple of things for today...

1. The Prodigy Best-Of is brilliant. The second cd of b-sides is awesome. Out Of Space is one of the best electronic songs of all time, and the Audio Bullys remix makes it just that little bit sweeter. Plus the Pendulum remix of Voodoo People is great too. Pendulum have the feature album on JJJ this week, so I'll be hanging out for that, see what they're like :>

2. WHY is Triple J playing the Travis Barker remix of the Pharell Williams single? Its Pharell Williams, Gwen Stefani, and one of the guys from Blink 182, FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! I dont care about musical snobbery, that is just not right.

3. Still catching up on reviewing stuff for FasterLouder...to-do list:

- Expatriate - Lovers Le Strange
- Audition - Controversy Loves Company
- Millionare - Paradisiac
- Gravy - Gravy
- Exploders - Exploders
- Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
- B-Grade Lisa Loeb by Jane Vs World, which I swear I will do first, either tonight or tomorrow - sorry stuffandthat :(

So, what is everyone listening to ?
Friday, November 18th, 2005
4:29 pm
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
3:22 pm
7:24 am
BDO second announcement...
Okay so its not brilliant, but there was everything I needed in the first announcement...

Big Name BandsCollapse )
But the local bands announcement for GC is pretty good...
Local BandsCollapse )

In any case, it doesnt really matter to me, Ive got my ticket, and Im ready to go.
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
4:49 pm
First Post!!!
This is the first post of Buoy Tunes - the new music based community of gumbuoy, where i discuss nothing but music, links to reviews, updates of cds i have bought or have been sent, concert discussions, gig guides, and random music musings.

Random music musing for right now - the new Rhubarb single Start Again is on the radio right now, and I LIKE IT!!!

And I can back that up with my review of said single

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