Pope Gumby (gumbuoy) wrote in buoy__tunes,
Pope Gumby

Fuck 'em, and their law.

A couple of things for today...

1. The Prodigy Best-Of is brilliant. The second cd of b-sides is awesome. Out Of Space is one of the best electronic songs of all time, and the Audio Bullys remix makes it just that little bit sweeter. Plus the Pendulum remix of Voodoo People is great too. Pendulum have the feature album on JJJ this week, so I'll be hanging out for that, see what they're like :>

2. WHY is Triple J playing the Travis Barker remix of the Pharell Williams single? Its Pharell Williams, Gwen Stefani, and one of the guys from Blink 182, FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! I dont care about musical snobbery, that is just not right.

3. Still catching up on reviewing stuff for FasterLouder...to-do list:

- Expatriate - Lovers Le Strange
- Audition - Controversy Loves Company
- Millionare - Paradisiac
- Gravy - Gravy
- Exploders - Exploders
- Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
- B-Grade Lisa Loeb by Jane Vs World, which I swear I will do first, either tonight or tomorrow - sorry stuffandthat :(

So, what is everyone listening to ?
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Liam, I think it's time to say goodbye to Triple J.
i dont actually listen to it that much, but its the only radio station actually worth listening to, at least here in brisbane...
Trust me, it's no different in Melbourne.

I get the pleasure of listening to Fox FM all day at work which seems to only about about five singles they play at the moment, being roughly, Blacked Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, Pussycat Dolls and Missy Higgins. It's frightful.
I'll turn you to the Zed side in the end ...
sorry ive been burned way too many times by ZZZ. When I listen to the radio, its usually cause i need short term thrills, because the only reason im listening to the radio is that i cant lay my hand on a cd right at that moment. JJJ occasionally provides that short term buzz, ZZZ never does.
See, Triple J is just too slick and artificial for me. I like the up and down the wall weirdness of 4ZZZ. That I can listen to Blues on a Saturday morning ... that I can request anything I like ... that there's no playlists ... and I like the New Zealand show, too ...
every time i turn on to ZZZ, its either some atonal noise, or an unprofesional, probably wasted dj slurring his way to the end of a sentence...

Most recent listens?

Girls from the Clouds -- Lalalala
Dirty Three -- Cinder
Kate Bush -- Aerial
Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side -- The Sober Light of Day

And I'm loving them all ...