Pope Gumby (gumbuoy) wrote in buoy__tunes,
Pope Gumby

Ah well, easy come, easy go

I was offered a chance to review the Dandy Warhols live, tomorrow night at the Tivoli, which I jumped on, of course.

I was then informed by the editor that because the gig was oversold (not just sold out, but OVERSOLD) the media numbers are being reduced, so now I'm not going.

That is something of a letdown.

I will be posting my 2005 mixtape on here in the next day or so, and any buoy__tunes member who wants a copy, comment on it or email your address to gumbuoy at hotmail.com, and I'll send you a copy.

Also, just two and a half weeks till Big Day Out '06, that came up awfully quickly...

Also, I got sent Quarashi's second album Geurilla Disco, from Hong Kong, which I won on ebay, its the japanese bonus edition, so not only does it have extra tracks, but all the lyrics and liner notes are in English AND Japanase. Very cool :>
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